Portable Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector + Battery 200

Portable Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector + Battery 200

     1) Recognition of the banknote value and kinds
     2) Compatible multi-currency detection
     3) Super detection capability
     4) List sum of each currency
     5) List total sheets of all banknotes read
     6) Large LCD with green backlight
     1) Detect Currencies: Euro, USD,
     RUB and one of Yen, British Pound,France Pound, HK Dollars
     2) Speed:0.6sec/currency
     3) Power Supply: 220V AC/ 110V AC
     4) Power Consumption: <10 W
     5) Temperature Limited Use: -5~40 degree centigrade
     6) Ambient Humidity: 30 ~ 80%
     7) Checking Speed: 0.6sec/note
     8) Accuracy: >99.9%
     9) Insert Direction: Single side, face up
     10) Display: 16x2 LCD with backlit, exam face value and quantity
     11) Detection Method: Infrared, Magnetic ink,
     12) Upgrade: Change EPROM

Product Origin:  CHINA
Model Number:  200
Brand Name:  Easycount
 Email :  selsen1314@hotmail.com
 Website:  http://www.easycount.com.cn

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Company Name: Shenzhen Easycount Technology Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. WuQiang Zhang
Address: 5/F, No.29 Workshop, Hekan Village, Bantian Street, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Zip: 518129
Telephone: 086-020-84218255
Fax: 086-020-84218255
E-mail: selsen1314@hotmail.com



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