High Quality Banknote Bill Money Counter & Detector 700

High Quality Banknote Bill Money Counter & Detector 700

     Sheets counting function and counterfeit detection function.
     1) ADD function
     2) Batch function
     3) Half note detection
     4) Chain note detection
     5) Double-note detection
     6) Width detection function
     7) UV counterfeit detection (option)
     8) MG counterfeit detection (option)
     9) Metal thread detection (option)
     10) Inferred character detection (option)
     1) Ambient Temperature: 0oC- 40oC
     2) Ambient Humidity: 25% - 80%
     3) Feed System: Roller Friction System
     4) Hopper Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills
     5) Stacker Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills
     6) Size of Countable Bills: 40mm X 110mm - 100mm X 185mm
     7) Thickness of Countable Bills: 0.06mm - 0.15mm
     8) Counting Result Display: Four (sheets) or Seven (value)
     Digits LED (Red or Green)
     9) Batch Preset Number Display: Three Digits LED (Green)
     10) Remove Display: Four Digits LED (Green)
     11) Power Source:
     Single Phase 110 V +- 10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz;
     Also available in 220 V +-10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz
     12) Power Consumption:<60 W
     13) Counting Speed: 1,000 notes/min
     14) Certification: CE, ROHS approved
Model No EC700A EC700B EC700C EC700D EC700E
Main Function Basic counting UV UV+MG UV+MG+MT UV+MG+MT+IR

Product Origin:  CHINA
Model Number:  700
Brand Name:  Easycount
 Email :  selsen1314@hotmail.com
 Website:  http://www.easycount.com.cn

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Company Name: Shenzhen Easycount Technology Co., Ltd
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Address: 5/F, No.29 Workshop, Hekan Village, Bantian Street, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Zip: 518129
Telephone: 086-020-84218255
Fax: 086-020-84218255
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